Friday, November 16, 2012

Bunga Puteri Malu

Bunga Puteri Malu

Pernah lihat bunga seperti ini? Ini adalah bunga tanaman Puteri Malu.... Lovely, uh?

Masa hidupnya hanya sesaat, mekar di pagi hari, melayu disiang hari, sekejab namun cukup untuk menambah kecantikan hari....

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Feed Me.....


We spent our last day in Pandaan by visiting Taman Safari, Prigen.

It was not our first time, yet it still amused us to see many animals wandering around the path, like this Zebra.


When we opened half of our car window, he approached looking for food. Cinta was frightened, so she hurrily closed 3/4 of the glass. The Zebra insisted to insert his head..and I managed to capture these pictures, and one carrot as a reward :D


Lonely Frogs


When we stayed at Taman Dayu Golf last month, Cinta saw 2 ugly brown frogs inside a small mossy pool in front of our bungalow. They can not jump up outside the pool, as its construction unabled them to. They did not produce any noises as well. More often they stayed inside the water, just showed their faces when they needed fresh air.

Rarely that Cinta saw a real she was more than happy to sit next to the pool waiting for the frogs to come up :)